Portfolio Management Services

What is Portfolio Management Service?

Portfolio Management Service (PMS) is a facility offered by aportfoliomanager with theintent to achieve the required rate of return within the desired level ofrisk. An investmentportfolio can be a mix of stocks, fixed income, commodities, real estate, other structuredproducts,   and   cash.   A   portfolio   manager   is   a   licensed   investment   professional   whospecializes in analyzing the investment objectives of the investor and has a vast knowledgeof the various instruments in the market. The portfolio manager is better positioned to makeinformed decisions for investments in securities as opposed to a layman.PMS is a customized service offered to High Net-worth Individuals (HNI) clients. The serviceis tailored as per the investor’s return requirements and the ability and willingness toassume the risk. An Investment Policy Statement (IPS) is drafted by a PMS to understand thefinancial position and needs of the client. The portfolio manager ensures that the returnrequirements coincide with the risk profile. Before executing the optimum portfolio, PMS alsostudies the various constraints such as time horizon, tax applicability, liquidity, and otherunique considerations of the client.

IAP Offerings:

A diverse range of pre-packaged products ideal for both traders and investors who want toparticipate in the markets but do not have enough time to manage their portfolios.

*Guided advisory by RIAs

*Personalized insights

*Regular monitoring

*Time saving

*Money management

*Active participation